Saturday, March 3, 2018

3rd Mar. Two Blankets 2枚の毛布だぞ

Two Blankets
日 2枚の毛布だぞ

We mopped the rooms and

dried clothes

and then,

went down the stairs.

I went to Yabuhara with two young teachers.

Although they are crazy at ski and snowboard,

I'm crazier than them.

We mostly skied down on bumpy slopes.

After ski, we went shopping.

At the bingo game, Kaito got the bear ted blanket.

Lately, I almost achieve bingo but fail every time.

I got Anpanman blanket by crane game for Kaito.

Kaito is getting bigger then

he can play himself.

We went around a lot of shops.

We got two blankets today.


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