Wednesday, March 28, 2018

28th Mar. 3rd Anniversary, 20 months 3周年・20か月だぞ

3rd Anniversary, 20 months
28日 3周年・20か月だぞ

Kaito helped me drying clothes.

He really likes the dinosaur roller coaster.

Kaito touched the TV screen and

said Wanwan (=dog)

I worked in the morning and took a leave in the afternoon.

I will be in charge of the chief of the 1st grade of high school

On the way back, I prepared for the price of summer tires.

Tires of CX-5 are very expensive, though its cheeper than that of snow tires.

Kaito was sleeping but

we took him to the city center because

It was our 3rd anniversary of marriage and Kaitos 20 months birthday so

We book the luxurious hotel.

We ate delicious food and

Kaito ate a strawberry whole.

Kaito tries to touch an elevators buttons and

Anpanmans nose.

He played in the ball pool.

We had a precious time there.

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