Monday, March 26, 2018

26th Mar. Osaka 4 大阪だぞ4

Osaka 4
26日 大阪だぞ

Kaito drank tea in the morning.

He looked pleased at new Anpanman toy.

We went out with my father Kazuo.

We enjoyed flower viewing as well today on the way to the station.

Kaito saw trains great many times in Osaka, because we can see trains every 2 or 3 minutes.

First we visited Nara.

Kaito is brave and he isnt afraid of deer.

On the way to Toudaiji Temple, we saw a lot of beautiful cherry blossoms.

9 years have passed since last time I visited here.

There is a small hole through the pillar. Its the same size as the nose holes of the Great Buddha.

Although I couldnt make it, Kaito

did it easily, it was a piece of cake for Kaito because he is very small haha.

We had a good time at Todaiji Temple.

On the way back, Kaito touched deer any number of times.

He looked very happy.

We had lunch near Nara station.

We took a train to

Osakajo Castle.

We took a tram there.

Cherry blossoms in Osaka are in full bloom now.

Following that, we moved to

Doutonbori, on of the popular places in Osaka.

We bought souvenirs there.

Once we moved back to my parents house. Kaito likes goldfish and toy dog, wanwan.

Around 9 PM, we moved to my aunts house.

We bought takoyaki.

We are very busy with sightseeing and eating too much.

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