Wednesday, March 14, 2018

14th Mar. Luncheon Party 昼食会だぞ

Luncheon Party
14日 昼食会だぞ

Kaito was sleeping when I left home.

We had a luncheon party.

The teachers who were in charge of the 3rd grade of high school came together. We were very good relation this school year.

We had to clean a lot of places for the next school year.


On the way back I stopped at the railway crossing.

This is the rapid express Shinano. I will take it with my family to go back to Osaka next week.

As a return of Valentines Day, I bought Chocolates for Tamami.

Kaito brushed his teeth,

drank tea and

watched Anpanman

on the sofa.

Good night Kaito~!

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