Sunday, March 11, 2018

11th Mar. No Ski スキーなしだぞ

No Ski
11日 スキーなしだぞ

In the morning I was working at home because I have a lot of things to do especially for a graduation ceremony.

I waxed skies but couldnt go skiing.

I bought presents at two shops.

At the amusement park,

Kaito seemed to like the toy. Baby dinosaurs are going up the stairs and going down the sloping road.

I tried to get the toy by crane game but failed. Sorry Kaito.

We enjoyed a bingo game but

no game today.

Kaito haven't used the playground equipment for a long time.

Its handle is still very cold.

Lately, Kaito walks together with us.

He has started to take an escalator.

He became used to Anpanman chair.

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