Saturday, March 24, 2018

24th Mar. Osaka 2 大阪だぞ2

Osaka 2

24日 大阪だぞ

Kaito got a secondhand baby carriage from my aunts friend.

We walked to Hanazono railway station in the morning. Cherry blossoms in Osaka are at their best now.

We took a train to  

the station near my aunts house.

Kaito received a lot of toys as usual.

Kaito gave aunt, Keiko, a gift and then

clapped his hands himself.

They had a special events, held twice a year, today at the Kamiji shopping district. We were lucky.

Following that we moved to the restaurant owned by Kaikos acquaintance and  

ate traditional Osaka food there.

After that we moved to Tennouji.

I came here at our school trip in September last year.

We enjoyed the Tennouji Zoo.

This black swan came from Nagano.

The most attractive animal for Kaito seemed to be...

pigeon. He ran after them any number of times.

He was tired and fell into a sleep.

Around 6 PM, we moved to Ishikiri and had a dinner party.

Kaito is always at the center of family members.

Around 10 PM, I visited my favorite thick white noodles restaurant by bicycle.

I never visit Osaka without eating the noodles.

On the way, I got Doraemon at an amusement park. It cost US$3.

I put it beside Kaito when I came back home.

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