Saturday, June 23, 2018

23rd Jun. Rucksack carrying a dog ワンワンリュックだぞ

Rucksack carrying a dog
23日 ワンワンリュックだぞ

Before Kaito woke up,

I went for a jog around my house.

Kaito carries a rucksack carrying a dog. Haha

We enjoyed shopping as usual.

I got it, thin wheat noodles machine, for US$5.

We enjoyed amusement corner.

We observed the house a little.

Since Kaito really likes trains,

I opened this toy, I got maybe 6 months ago at the amusement store. He likes it.

Friday, June 22, 2018

22nd Jun. Green Soybeans 枝豆だぞ

Green Soybeans
22日 枝豆だぞ

Kaito was sleeping with toy dogs.

We planted green soybeans.

We went for a walk.

It was very hot today.

Kaito rode an Anpanman scooter before he went to bed.

Now he can advances himself.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

21st Jun. Rucksack リュックだぞ

21日 リュックだぞ

Kaito was sleeping with

a fire engine and an ambulance.

I found a little bird at school.

We prepared our farm.

This is Kaitos rucksack.


He puts a lot of treasures in it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

20th Jun. Fire Engine, Ambulance, Spring Toy 救急車・消防車・スプリングだぞ

Fire Engine, Ambulance, Spring Toy
20日 救急車・消防車・スプリングだぞ

Kaito was playing with

these souvenirs from Osaka.

It was raining whole day long.

These are souvenirs I bought in Osaka. A fire engine, an ambulance and

spring toy.

Kaito threw it from the top of stairs.

It walks.

Kaito continued playing until

he fell asleep.