Tuesday, March 27, 2018

27th Mar. Osaka 5 大阪だぞ5

Osaka 5
27日 大阪だぞ

At last, Kaito ate Takoyaki at my aunt Keikos house.

He bravely tried to climb the steep steps.

He did it!

We enjoyed shopping at the shopping district where we visited on our first day.

Kaito ate strawberry whole.

He played with toys and then,

climbed the steep steps again.

Around 1 PM, we moved to Tsuruhashi station.

We had an enjoyable time in Osaka. I am deeply grateful to you.

Kaito was dancing in the train.

After 2 hours we had 1 hour transit time there

I ate thick white noodles there.

After 2 hours, we came back to Shiojiri.

At Tamamis parents house,

Kaito climbed steps.

After we came back home, he played with the dinosaur roller coaster.

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