Sunday, June 17, 2018

17th Jun. Bicycle 自転車だぞ

17日 自転車だぞ

I visited the famous Chinese noodles restaurant with my father Kazuo by bicycle.

We waited for 40 minutes until they served it.

It tasted nice.

I enjoyed cycling to Osaka city center.

This is the coaching school I used before I entered my university.


Here is Doutonbori.

We are cheering our national team for World Cup soccer.

Here is Macchamachi.

We can buy a lot of toys from wholesale stores.

I bought them for Kaito at Macchamachi.

On the way back, I pass through my favorite thick white noodles restaurant.


After I came back my parents house, we moved to Sushirou restaurant by bicycle. We can go everywhere by bicycle in Osaka.

Following that Kazuo provided me various kinds of Japanese sake.

I gave this local brand sake in Nagano.

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