Sunday, June 10, 2018

10th Jun. Train, Takoyaki, Fire ワンワン電車、たこ焼き、炎だぞ

Train, Takoyaki, Fire
10日 ワンワン電車、たこ焼き、炎だぞ

Yesterday I bought a cabinet for YAMANEKO dolls.

I jogged around my house in the morning.

Tamami prepared the dog train for Kaito.

Of course Kaito really likes it.

We watched Anpanman on TV.

Kaito can carry a lot of dogs.

After writing blog,

I made takoyaki,a ball-shaped pancake containing small pieces of octopus.

Kaito is really interested in a fire.

I will do it again at school.

Kaito watered flower.

We enjoyed shopping.

We got a new toy dog, world cup edition.

Kaito played with a puzzle pot stand.

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