Monday, June 11, 2018

11th Jun. Incomprehensible わかりにくいぞ

11日 わかりにくい

Kaito brings his change himself.

This is my shower system and one of my friends is really interested in it.

We made dog pot stands as usual.

Since a dust catcher was not working,

I went down under the floor and fixed it.

On the way back from school, I saw a dentist.

I played together with Kaito.

He calls Anpanman Ban and calls his enemy Baikinman Ao

This situation is very incomprehensible. Anpanman (Ban) is wearing Baikinman suit, on the other hand, Baikinman (Ao) is wearing Anpanman suit.

Although he was at a loss soon

he judged from their face and distinguished Ban and Ao. You did it!

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