Sunday, May 6, 2018

6th May. Osakada Park Again 再び小坂田公園だぞ

Osakada Park Again
日 再び小坂田公園だぞ

I jogged in the morning.

I found a dead mole as well today.

Here is the turning point of my jogging course. The company was rebuilt lately.

I always pass Osakada Park.

I dried clothes with Kaito.

After he played with dinosaur roller coaster,

We moved to Osakada Park.

Kaito is really interested in a go-cart but he cannot take it yet.

We flew a kite.

Thanks to the wind, we could make it well for the first time.

Following that we watched Anpanman and then Kaito took a nap.

I rode on a bicycle and enjoyed cycling along the JR railway line.

After that we visited Osakada Park again and took a battery car.

Its good for Kaito.

Maybe Kaito wants to ride on a go-cart.

We played on the ground.

It was very hot today.

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