Friday, May 4, 2018

4th May. Anpanman Show アンパンマンショーだぞ

Anpanman Show
日 アンパンマンショーだぞ

Kaito practiced basketball

and abacus we bought yesterday in Ina eagerly.

Around 10 AM, we moved to Matsumoto AEON mall shopping center and


watched the Anpanman show. Because Anpanman is very popular, we couldnt take seat.

We watched the show from the 2nd floor. Thats OK.

After the show, Kaito shook hands with Anpanmans.

Kaito calls Anpanman Ban

calls Baikinman Ao=blue

calls Dokin-chan Aka

After he played at a ball swimming pool,

We enjoyed shopping.

Kaito is practicing basketball,

abacus and


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