Thursday, May 3, 2018

3rd May. Golden Week (4 straight holidays) ゴールデンウィークだぞ

Golden Week (4 straight holidays)
日 ゴールデンウィークだぞ

Kaito is pleased at a newcomer Anpanman in my car.

I changed tires of CX-5.


Kaito was watching me changing tires.

Following that

We moved to Ina city and then

had lunch with meal coupon.

Around 1 PM, we called on Rizu and Jeiku. Long time no see!

They served their traditional food. Thanks.

Kaito was feeling at home.

Since both of them are English teacher, they have a lot of teaching good.

Kaito really enjoyed these goods.

Finally they gave a basket goal and balls to Kaito. Oh thank you, we really appreciate.

See you again perhaps in summer vacation.

After Ina, Tamami dropped me at Okaya station and I had a drinking party with

these same age teachers. We drank wine a lot.

On the way back, we got Minions train.

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