Sunday, May 20, 2018

20th May. Funny Face おかしな顔だぞ

Funny Face
20日 おかしな顔だぞ

After steamed bun style sleep,

Kaito played with Shimajiros self-righting dharma doll.

He watched Anpanman as usual.

The moment Kaito found the helicopter he run up to it but he cannot use it yet.

I moved to Matsumoto by bicycle.

We had a meeting of teachers association.

I took charge of a parking guide.

I had lunch at my favorite restaurant near the meeting hall.

Since the meeting hall is close to AEON mall, we met up there and enjoyed shopping after the meeting.

Todays game, Shoun the sheep tricycle and


Chip Star. I got them for US$2.

Kaito practiced basketball.

Kaito can eat and drink himself,

though he drops a lot of food.

With the safety fences net,

Kaito made funny face, haha.

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