Saturday, April 28, 2018

28th Apr. Tyrolean Forest チロルの森だぞ

Tyrolean Forest
28日 チロルの森だぞ

I jogged in the morning.

This is Osakada pond.

I found a dead mole.

After breakfast Kaito always asks me to give him extra food.

We played together and dried clothes.

We visited the Tyrolean Forest with Tamamis parents.

We received free entrance tickets from newspapers advertisement.

We asked Tamamis parents to take train with Kaito because less than 3 years old kids and more than 60 years people can take it for free.


He didnt cry while he was apart from us.

Kaito came in contact with a lot of animals.

He isnt afraind of animals.

On the way back, they took the train again for free.

We often visit here only when we received free ticket, haha.

We enjoyed shopping and

Kaito rode on the luxurious car, mercedes benz.

We received the gift from Seiji who is my aunts neighbor in Osaka. Thank you very much.

Kaito really likes it.

He played with the gift Dr. Yellow,

skeleton and

dinosaur roller coaster.

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