Sunday, April 15, 2018

15th Apr. Nagano Marathon 長野マラソンだぞ

Nagano Marathon
15日 長野マラソンだぞ

We ate breakfast at 5 AM by turns because

Kaito was sleeping well.

Last year, cherry and apricot blossoms were in full bloom but this year

The season has finished.

Around 6:30 AM, Tamami and Kaito took me

to Yashiro Station.

I took train to the star area, Tamami and Kaito stayed in the hotel until check-out time.

We walked to the start area for 20 minutes.

Around 8:00 I arrived at the area and did warm-up exercises.

At 8:30 the race started in the rain.

Naoko Takahashi, who is the gold medalist of Sydney Olympics Game saw off 10,000 runners and


ran for about 20 miles together with us.

This Anpanman cheers us every year.

I worshiped at the Zenkouji Temple though it was very far from the course.

This is last APINA we havent visited yet in Nagano.

I worked at the printing company for 2 years after I graduated from university.

Big Hat.


Second Street

White Ring

My legs were aching after 15 miles but

I managed to finish full marathon.


Naoko Takahashi was at the goal area to meet finishers.

Thank you for cheering.

Around 2 PM, Tamami and Kaito picked me up.

Kaito is not interested in the finished medal.

I took a bath.

We enjoyed sightseeing a little on the way back.

Kaito was awarded a medal.

Kaito prefer the dinosaur roller coaster to the medal.

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