Sunday, February 4, 2018

4th Feb. Sled,Repair, Bean-scattering ceremonyそり・修理・豆まきだぞ

Sled,Repair, Bean-scattering ceremony
2月日 そり・修理・豆まきだぞ

We watched Anpanman in the morning.

After we ate rolled sushi,

Kaito wiped the table.

Since Kaito was taking a nap in my car, I skied a little.  

Although we were supposed to do sled, we mostly walked on snow because

it was snowing heavily.

On the way back, we had lunch at Ohsama no gyouza (Kings dumpling) restaurant.

We like the restaurant.

When we drive on the snowy road, our car gets dirty in Nagano due to calcium chloride.

I wash my car every time.

Kaito was watching me washing cars.

We enjoyed a bingo game and


Kaito puts my favorite soup into shopping basket.

While Kaito was watching TV,

I repaired GT-R Kaito broke.

I did it.

He can use it again.

We did a bean-scattering ceremony. This is Japanese culture, on this day, we scatter parched beans to drive out bad luck and call in good luck (on the last day of winter according to the lunar calendar).  

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