Saturday, February 3, 2018

3rd Feb. The same mobile phone, Airplane 同じ携帯・飛行機だぞ

The same mobile phone, Airplane
2月日 同じ携帯・飛行機だぞ

Before Kaito got up,

I dried clothes,

prepared my skies and then


moved to Yabuhara ski field in the early morning.

Thanks to a heavy snow fall,

I enjoyed deep and fresh snow all day long.


Fat skies are the best when we had a heavy snow fall.


In the afternoon, we enjoyed shopping as usual.

On the way back, Tamami dropped me off in front of the docomo shop.

I got the same mobile phone for US$50 thanks to insurance.

I transferred the data.

After ate outside,

I jogged back home.

I jogged for 1 hour.

Kaito was waiting for me.

Todays game. I got this airplane for US$3.

I wanted to tell Kaito it can fly but 

he felt that I took it by force and cried haha.

He likes it.

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