Sunday, February 18, 2018

18th Feb. Sled & Vacuum-Cleaner そりと掃除機だぞ

Sled & Vacuum-Cleaner
2月18日 そりと掃除機だぞ

Kaito mopped the floor and

dried clothes.

On the way to Yabuhara ski field,

I bought Anpanman toy.

Since it was not so cold today Kaito could enjoy snow for a long time.

He was caught by snow monster.

It must be a great experience for him.

Following that I enjoyed ski for 30 minutes.

There were a great many skiers and snowboarders today.

After ski, we enjoyed shopping as usual.

I got Winnie the Pooh vacuum-cleaner.

I waxed skies.

I played with Kaito.

He threw his toy into the dust box for a diaper.

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