Friday, February 24, 2017

24th Feb. Professional Baseball Teams Chips プロ野球チームチップスだぞ

Professional Baseball Teams Chips
2月24日 プロ野球チームチップスだぞ

We reported our work class of this school year and

had lunch together.

One of my high school friends gave me an information about Japanese professional baseball teams chips on facebook. Nearly 30 years have passed since last time I bought it.Now we can get one player card of the national team, Samurai Japan,after we eat potato chips.

I still keep this card holder which I used 30 years ago.

Since this player card I got, Mr. Nakamura, belongs to Seibu Lions team I decided to keep the card with these cards of Lions, yet its size was too big. Oh man! It can’t be helped because 30 years have passed…

Most of these players had finished their career in sport already and have finished their duty as the manager lately. 30 years have passed…

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